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Huntress Review

Batman - Hush (DC Direct) - Series 1
Well what d'ya know, a beautiful DC figure that is actually 6 inches tall! No need to modify Huntress in any way to match your Marvel scale. What I find surprising is that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get her, unlike that ridiculously expensive Nightwing from the same Hush series (it looks great, but yikes! $40 and up!? No way!). You can still find her for 9 to 15 dollars in stores.

Helena Bertinelli (what is it about heroes with Italian backgrounds that makes them want to PUNISH everyone? ) stands 6 inches tall, and a little taller if you count the mask-spikes. She has an elegant face, but aren't her eyes supposed to be blue, not purple? (maybe she's wearing contacts?). The eyes are outlined in black and have a certain crazed look. You can call it the Eye of the Tiger or insanity, either one works! The hair has one of the best sculpts I've ever seen! It's silky smooth and is windswept to the left, very comic-book-like. The tips of the hair look like claws, adding to her overall bad-ass demeanor (and the golden cross-earrings are just darling ). There is a long strand of hair sculpted over her right eye, and it looks alright, but if it were made shorter I think she would look much better. She wears the newer, skimpier outfit with much less fabric (with some white added), a different mask, and a few more gizmos and pouches. I liked the old suit a lot more, but I guess DC is targeting a younger audience now (I love black and lavender together so even if her suit was only a purple towel around her, I'd still love it!) The gloves and boots are "over-detailed". They'd look better with a simpler design because, as they are, they look almost robotic (and the knee-pads are ugly!). She used to use crossbows but this figure has a fancy 4-barrel gun sculpted into her right hand. I don't see anything resembling an arrow or bolt on her (maybe the gun shoots arrows now?). Keep in mind I got her loose, so she might have a crossbow I don't know about somewhere in the package. She does come with a staff which can slip into her left hand. That hand has the pinky sticking out for some reason, maybe it has some comic-related significance, heh. The cape is lavender with white trim and made of very flexible rubbery plastic. This is how all capes should be made! It connects to her shoulders with two golden half-moon cufflinks.

As is DC's habit, Huntress has minimal articulation. Normally, DC's sculpts are so great that the missing articulation isn't missed much, but in Huntress's case the missing poseabiity is a major flaw. The head is a ball-socket and moves around just fine, but the shoulders are also ball-sockets, it was a mistake to do that! The arms move up and down but, because of the shoulders, they can move outwards only slightly. Socket-swivel-hinges would have worked MUCH better (like the DCSH Supergirl). The gun being sculpted into her hand is annoying, but the wrists not being able to turn is even MORE annoying, at least the elbows bend. Huntress gets very static poses, and that is a HUGE NO-NO to people like me who like to put figures in "action" poses. The hips are wonderfully sculpted (they are standard swivels) but at the cost of outwards leg movement. Whoever is in charge of adding joints has to start using the hinged hips (like Punisher and the DCSH Superman) with female figures. And I don't mean the ugly ones like Elektra had (shudder). Something like Black Widow's would be awesome if they made those hips a little thinner. Huntress looks like she's casually taking a step towards you, meaning the feet were sculpted in a way to show this. Unfortunately, she is impossible to stand up without the large Bat-base included because the area where her feet touch the ground is too small to balance her properly and the knees are hinged, so even if you manage to stand her up on her own, the knee will eventually bend and make her fall over.

Overall a great figure if you like the statue-esque types. And besides, it's Huntress! How can you not like Huntress! ;}

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Gee_jays_Customs - Saturday, November 11, 2006
hey that looks familiar?! ^_^ hehe

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