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Beta Ray Bill Review

Beta Ray Bill
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 15 - Modok Series
If Odin's omnipotent hand had anything to do with a figure then you have to buy it. Behold Beta Ray Bill in Asguardian glory!

Bill stands hammer to hammer with Thor at 7 inches tall! This guy is phenomenal. He's muscular enough to exude power but not over-done like that horrible Bishop from a few series ago. I can see many customs being done with Bill's upper-body because it is so well-made. The detail is amazing all over from helm to toes. The wings on his helmet are finely crafted and are painted silvery-white. Bill's face has wrinkles and crevices exactly where they should be, as do the arms, and the teeth and mouth are neatly painted. The only problem with the skin is that it isn't shaded so you can't see the detail at all (a quick wash with black fixes that right away). The boots on the other hand are subtlely-shaded and painted in two tones of golden bronze. In the preview pictures, the blue parts on his legs and the shoulder pads looked like they were supposed to be a metallic-blue but actually they're blue with a tiny hint of metal in them, sort-of like the green on Phoenix's body.

Some problems...the shoulder pads are cool but they are very loosely glued-on. I flicked at them a few times and they popped off (maybe it's just a problem with mine). Also, the arms don't come all the way down to his sides, but this isn't a problem if you plan on placing him in action poses. Conveniently, there is a hole in his back where you can stick a clear action-stand! The cape is made of very flexible plasti-rubber, and you may or may not like the way it's connected to Bill's suit. Another thing, his arms are loose! The swivel where the arms connect to the shoulders are very loose and make it hard to position his arms (again, maybe just a problem with mine). And the hammer he comes with, it looks like they forgot to paint it!? It's so bland in one dark ugly color, and it's hard to put in his hand! The right hand is sculpted to hold the hammer but it's hard to put in there without feeling like you're going to break the fingers or damage the white paint on the gloves.

The articulation is divine and standard ML issue (for the most part). Bill's right hand isn't hinged at the fingers so he can firmly hold his hammer. I think that's a good idea because the hammer would eventually loosen the fingers (like Thor's) and then people would complain that they should not have hinged the fingers. The other hand is normal. What's great about him is that almost every hinge is a click-joint. That's a good thing! You never have to worry about his ankles, knees, elbows, legs, or midsection getting loose. Bill's jaw is articulated so you can make him look angry or angrier. The arms are in a shoulder-sleeve, and in this case that's a very good thing! The sleeves let his arms move forward and back for even more posing possibilities.

Bill comes along with a MODOK piece (lol, MODOK), a comic where he beats Thor and takes his hammer, and a backdrop of the cockpit of his old warship.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Monday, January 22, 2007
I love this fig. It''s one of my favorites in my collection. I thing the old fig Toy Biz had looked better but the posibility of this fig makes up for it. I he looks a bit more mucular in the early comics to me. I was thinking about a wash of burnt umber on his flesh to bring out the details. Plus I think the gold-tone of his skin is too light. Still he is one of my Favorite Legends... A rare, powerful, and interesting subject.
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, December 3, 2006
UPDATE: I managed to force Bill''s arms to his sides and now they work! They just need a little coaxing but they''ll stay down if you push hard enough.

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