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Creech CI.001 Review

Creech CI.001
Spawn (McFarlane) - Series 25 - Classic Comic Covers 2
What?!? When did the Hulk fuse with Omega Red?!?

No this never really happened but you might think that when you first see this guy. First off, this guys name is "The Creech" and he?s from Image Comics by a comic of the same name. Since Image is a McFarlane associate, McFarlane did this guy. Me, I had never heard of him before but I was walking through a KBtoys and there he was for $10 bucks so I picked him up.

He?s actually pretty good for a McFarlane figure. Everyone who?s into toys know McFarlane quality: Great Detail, poor articulation. I can happily say that it isn?t all the case here. He sports articulation at both thighs, both shoulders, on the right arm at the elbow and the left right at the gauntlet. Another sweet thing is that all the tubes that make up his "hair" are completely moveable, you can put them ANY way you want!!! Unfortunately, there?s still not enough articulation for someone who wants to make many stances.

Now to his paint job, its flawless. As expected, McFarlane delivered the goods. His whole body is mostly a solid olive green. The gauntlets and boots are a crimson red with a VERY light tan to give him the image that he?s been out in the mud all day. The lights on the gauntlets are all a dark yellow/orange and fit nicely. The tubes look exactly like they should: like cool looking tubes. His left arm is given a dark skin color and is made to look like it "ripped" out of his body. The base is perfect, it looks like the corner of the roof of a building that?s been totaled, this to is painted very well.

Overall, I think he?s an awesome figure but I had to take a few points off for the lack of more articulation in more key areas (the head for example).

      by Mr-X   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, December 9, 2006
Omega Hulk, ha ha...never seen this before but it looks cool!

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