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Warrior Alien vs. Renegade Predator Review

Warrior Alien vs. Renegade Predator
Aliens (Kenner) - Series 2
The two most brutal creatures have begun the war...

I?m talking about the Aliens and the Predators here. These two figures are pretty good for Hasbro 90's figures, stuff from them and then are usually...odd. The pack comes with one Warrior Alien, one Predator and a small comic story. Both figures are pretty cool and the comic is actually good for just a small extra. On to the figures...

The Alien is about 4 inches tall and is a solid flat black with a semi-translucent purple for the top of the head. The only spot not black is a pair of buckteeth type things that are supposed to be teeth I guess and are painted silver. For a small guy, he?s actually quite moveable, supporting articulation at both thighs/waist, at the tail where it meets the body, at both shoulders and at the head.

The Predator now is something interesting (well the Alien is too). He?s painted a light tan color with a dark gray down his back and wears various pieces of armor that are painted a dark brown. His helmet is removable and fits on via two pegs that fit into two holes on each side of his head. He comes with two weapons he can hold, a plasma caster rifle and a spear. The spear has a small peg on it to and can fit into another hole on the armor on his back. He sports movement at the neck, both legs and arms.

They are both cool figures to own but they have flaws. Both lack good articulation so posing is hard. Other then that these two are good figures to have on display.

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User Comments
Unknown User - Sunday, December 10, 2006
Sure, im pretty sure it work. I matched the head of the Predator to a Lord of the Rings(very much like Marvel Legends) and the Predator head is slightly bigger but after slight dremeling or body alterations it look fine. The good part is, the Predator and Alien series in the Figurereal store are cheap so you have lots of choices.
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, December 10, 2006
Are their heads big enough to look good on 6-7 inch figures? Like for a custom Predator...not that I''m making one...

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