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Beast Review

Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 4
Good ol' Hank, the smartest man in the world, when his skin turned blue, and hair did too, for a cure his mind drew blank. That's right, I rhymed. I've been waiting to get a Beast since he was given the ML treatment. The old 5-inch one was great but I like this one so much more. I've read a few other reviews on him and they weren't very glowing, I wonder why. He looks like he's supposed to and is the perfect height, so what's the problem? Did I just get the one perfectly crafted figure? Heh.

Beast stands intently at about 6.5 inches tall. I was wondering how well the sculptors were going to show the hair on his body, and it looks good! The majorly hairy-spots (like at the elbows) have heavily-sculpted hair while the rest of the body has a fine "hair-pattern", it works well. The muscles are just right, not insanely bulky, but the chest has too many grooves (like Wolverine). The belt is well-sculpted and painted but the design on it doesn't quite fit, it looks like it doesn't belong there and yet there it is (I'm just nit-picking I guess). I would have stuck to the traditional X-symbol. The claws on his hands and feet look alright, but in order to satisfy the safety-requirements someone had to snip the pointy tips off of them, meaning the claws have blunt tips (so annoying!). Same deal with his teeth, the two that protrude are rounded-off and the teeth in his mouth all look like molars. Interestingly, his ears are too pointy. He's not an elf! Why give him such pointy ears? The hair on his head looks great, it's black and swept-back with blue high-lights. Beast always had a gentle, friendly demeanor on the X-Men cartoons (and in the few X-Men comics I've read comics) so it's strange to see him with this almost frowning expression. Angry isn't the word either, more pensive, as if he's formulating a plan or reliving an old memory. Whatever you think, it's an intense expression and the finely-painted blue eyes only make it more chilling.

Astonishingly, Beast has a ton of articulation, even the thumbs and index fingers can move (although why they would give only the index finger independent articulation and leave the other 3 fingers in one group I don't understand). The jaw is hinged too which is great because it gives Beast a wide range of expression (making him great for dramatic poses and making comics). The neck is great because it let's him see in any direction. The elbows are single-hinged (because they are bulky) and he doesn't have a mid-section hinge, but it doesn't affect posing at all. The hips are like Punisher's, they hinge outwards and swivel just below.

Beast comes packaged with a white lab-coat which fits him snugly. It even has a pocket where he could stick his pocket-protector if he had one.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Monday, December 18, 2006
Lol, you have to look for the figures with lower quality control to get sharp teeth
Unknown User - Monday, December 18, 2006
Safety Requirements:Killing detail in figures as long has figures have been good.
I think they sneak them sometimes, ill buy one figure, points will be blunt, buy the same figure, points will be least someone isnt to worried about a little kid poking their eye out with the back teeth of a figure...
Dr Nightmare - Monday, December 18, 2006
...that''s it, I''m standing him on one hand from now on
hawkeye - Monday, December 18, 2006
I like the XMC stealth Beast a bit better. I find this one a bit bulky(but its the only figure that can be posed standing on one hand) Not a bad figure but ML could have done better.

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