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Moon Knight Review

Moon Knight
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 15 - Modok Series
With a name like "Moon Knight", how can you possibly go wrong buying the comics. I remember seeing Moon Knight as a very muscular guy, but this figure barely fits the "medium build" description, let alone the "barrel-chested" description I remember seeing.

Marc stands about 6 1/4 inches tall, so he's tall and lean, like a Scarecrow. As someone simply put it, "Moon Knight is just a Bullseye figure with Deadpool's head", and it looks like they're right (Havok has the same body too). I don't know about the gloves and boots, I've never seen a Bullseye up close, buy they look simple enough to be the same. They're silvery-white with silver rings at the cuffs and have some stitching-detail too. The boots have the same design. The belt is white with some silver accents and is made of flexible rubber. The problem with it is that if you turn MK at the waist too far, the belt tends to spin around and the buckle ends up facing the rear. Also, the silver detail is badly painted, luckily the belt itself is well-made so a little paint touch-up will make it look good. There's a loop on the back of it to store the nunchucks MK comes with. The best part about this figure is the big, white, hooded cape (which is removable). The inner-part is painted black to sort-of make his body invisible (and I do mean "sort-of" because his body isn't black, it's a pearly-grey instead). I think making the bottom edge of the cape poseable would be a good idea (just run some wire through it). The cape is crudely shaded on the back, like someone just threw black dust on it. Like always, paint-jobs will vary. And another thing, is the white moon on his chest supposed to be way off-center like that?

MK has all standard articulation including shoulder-sleeves, a mid-section hinge and individually articulated fingers. I hope someday soon someone finds a way to have all the fingers on a figure articulated without making the hands look bulky. The shoulder sleeves are okay because they're the kind that pivot back and forth, not up and down like those other ugly ones that make the shoulders bulge out grotesquely.

Included in the package is a backdrop (of the Moon-ship's cockpit with a city-view), a comic (with Spiderman as a guest star), nunchucks, a long pole, and a BAF MODOK piece.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
VariablePenguin - Wednesday, December 20, 2006
...and personally I can''t stand huge beefed up depictions of Batman or Superman.
Dr Nightmare - Wednesday, December 20, 2006
For the speed that Moon Knight moves and how he fights, I really doubt he should he hugely muscles up.
Meh, apparently Batman has crazy reflexes and he''s all buffed up. Ya''d think more muscle means less effort to move yourself around. Hell, just look at Hulk
I think medium-build is ideal for people, that is unless your job is wrestling grizzly bears...
VariablePenguin - Wednesday, December 20, 2006
I don''t like the huge barrel chested heroes. For the speed that Moon Knight moves and how he fights, I really doubt he should he hugely muscles up. I think the body he has suits him fine. The gloves and boots aren''t Bullseye''s entirely. Only the foot part and the hands are. The gauntlet and cuff are original to the figure.

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