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Nightstorm Predator Review

Nightstorm Predator
Predator (Kenner) - Series 1
Here we have another review on everyone?s favorite hunter: the Predator

Lets start off with the general figure and what it comes with. Of course, its got all the usual Predator gear. Armor encases both shoulders, thighs and legs. Both arms also sport gauntlets. Unlike the other Predator I recently reviewed, this one has his wrist blades "extended" on his right arm. Like most Predators, he sports a fixed Plasma Cannon on his left shoulder. His mask is creatively designed and fits snugly onto his face. Unlike the previous Predator, instead of two pegs attaching to two holes in the side of the head, this mask attaches via four small holes in the mask that fit onto the four face mandibles, giving it a snug and good looking fit.

Our hunter comes with two accessories besides the mask. The first one is a staff. The staff is a plain tan with a human skull on the top and a small "U" like shape at mid length, which we'll come to later. Sadly, the Predators hands are stuck in an open position so the only way he looks like he?s holding said staff is if you jam his hand into the "U" shape. The next item he comes with is a rather cool Bola Launcher. What it is, is an ornately designed "V" shape, each side of the "V" a barrel connected to one trigger. In each barrel fits a tannish spear with "spiked" sides. What makes this weapon so cool is the fact the spears are connected by a stretchy string!!! This lets you fire at a target, close line the target and watch the spears go around each side of said thing, tying it up. Another good thing about this weapon is the fact that is has a C-clip that allows it to connect to the Predators waist, so he has to do all the work while we just have to push a button!!! Now I bet your wondering how this one fellow could hold up such a big weapon without some support, well folks, here?s were that staff comes in. In the front of the Bola, right in between the "V" there is a small circular notch. The staffs "U" piece fits perfectly into said notch giving the Predator not only more balance(almost perfect actually) but gives the gun a more wicked look(heck two giant barrels with a skull staff in the middle, id run)

Now on to his paint job and articulation. The Predators body, at least all the seeable skin is painted a flat black color. The wrist, thigh and waist armor is a crimson red, all other armor is a gold color, including the mask and the Plasma Caster. Under the mask his eyes are a bright yellow and his mouth is a nice blood red with the mandibles being white.

Articulation is the same as all the others of the series, shoulders, thighs and SOME in the neck. The neck movement is severely restricted by his long dreds, which are painted purple by the way. The Bola weapons is also a solid black with exception to the firing button and waist attachment being crimson/rust color. Both spears and staff are a light tan all the way around.

I like this figure but there are some flaws. I really dislike the real lack of movement, its just to limited. The Plasma Casteer (thing on his shoulder) is waaaay to small. In the movie these things were roughly the size of maybe your forearm, this one is about the size of two of the Predators fingers. My last and final complaint is about the wrist blades. These things are supposed to be thing, sharp and dangerous, easy to slip out in a jam. Unfortunately that?s not the case here. The blades are in a fixed, out position, this isn?t to bad but what really annoys me is the face they are part of the hand. No separation, its like they're just coming out of the Predators arm at some odd angle and to make matters even worse, the two fingers they cover(index and middle) are half size all the other fingers to make room for the blades. Since I?m a Predator fan I let all these little problems slide through and I have to say he is a pretty cool figure.

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