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Cave Troll (Sound & Action) Review

Cave Troll (Sound & Action)
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (Toy Biz) - Large Electronic Figures
Out of on of the best series of all time, the dreaded Cave Troll from the first Lord of the Rings(LOTR)

This guy is truly a work of art. He stand at a giant size of about 12 inches. He comes with several exciting features. First he comes with two weapons, a spiked mace that is in his right hand, sadly its loose in the hand but the hand is permanently closed due to being molded. The next weapons is the long spear used to stab Frodo. Luckily this weapon, which obviously goes in the left hand, is loose and can be taken out of the hand. Again, sadly, the right hand is also molded in a frozen, holding/jabbing position. The Troll features two knobs on his back, one on the right and left side. The right knob, when pushed down, cause the troll to swing the hammer down on anyone dumb enough to be there, the pressure even activates a built in sound system that makes several sounds. the left knob causes the troll to jab out his hand, thereby jabbing the spear and adding more sounds. A cool thing is that when the knobs are pushed and sound comes out, the trolls mouth opens up to make it look like he?s actually making the sound instead of his inside speaker. The troll also sports a spiked collar which has connected to it an 8 inch chain, one that swings freely and moves with the troll. The troll also features his movie loin cloth, they did good here by actually making it really fabric instead of rubber.

The trolls body is quite detailed. The chest of the troll and the head is made of a really smooth, squishy material, giving the feel of real skin. The only problem with this is that over time the material in the face breaks down and with so much mouth action(since it moves every time an arms moved) the material rips and tears. Mine is very scarred, the ,mouth opens and the whole underlayer is revealed so I don?t move it much anymore, the skin kinda sets back down when not moving. The rest of the body is a hard, pebbly rubber that gives an impression of scales, luckily this stuff is like a rock and hasn?t even cracked yet.

The paintjob on this guy is awesome. All the pebbly areas are a dirty tan with a dry wash of grey. The chest is a light tan/grey to looks like real skin. The trolls nails are painted a rust/brown color to look real dirty. The chain, collar and weapons are painted a copperish color to give them and aged look. The mouth has a flesh color and the teeth are a white/yellow color. The eyes are white with blue pupils and black iris's. Articulation is very limited here though at only the shoulders, head and at the elbow of the right arm.

Overall a nifty figure. My only complaint is the crap, or not planned out way of making the skin on the face, I dont think they factored in the play or age at all and made it to thin. Other then that is a good figure to own and earns its keep.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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