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Stormtrooper Review

Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Red Card
The dreaded Imperial Stormtrooper, foot soldier of the soulless Empire.

Another figure from the '95 Star Wars series. Standing at 3.75 inches, the Stormtrooper makes for a good infantry man. Along with his white armor, the Stormtrooper also comes with two weapons. The first weapons is the blaster, the standard Stormtrooper weapon and also the most common weapon seen in the original Star Wars movies. The second weapon is a blaster rifle, a bigger, more dangerous gun that also features a strap to be slung over the Stormtroopers shoulder. Both weapons can be hold in either of the Stormtroopers hands as both hands are in an open, ready to hold position.

The Stormtrooper features an easy, but well done paint job. The armor is the classic faceless white as is most of the helmet. The troopers bodysuit and lenses/other pieces of the helmet are a flat black. Both weapons are also a flat solid black. The armor is a very close replica of its movie version, featuring all the little knobs and do-hickeys. One problem I have with the body is the helmet, its to big. Looking at the figure one thing stand out: he has no neck. While all the movie versions wore helmets, their necks, protected by the bodysuit could be seen underneath, even if just a little bit of it. This figure doesn’t have that.

As for articulation, this figure has actually less the most other figures, or at least mine does. He only supports movement at shoulders and thighs, no neck. I suppose the reason he has no neck is because he has no movement in the neck, one reason why the helmet is stuck down, staring forward.

Overall a pretty nice figure and good likeness. My only complaint would be the fact that he has no neck, it makes him seem like some weird neckless robot instead of a human soldier underneath the armor.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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