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Treebeard (Branch Lifting) Review

Treebeard (Branch Lifting)
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Treebeard, living tree shepard from the second Lord of the Rings installment, The Two Towers. His main purpose in the series was to rally the other tree shepards, the Ents, to fight against the evil known as Sauron.

This was one guy I thought would just about never be made into a figure because of his size. The average LOTR's figure is 6 inches and Treebeard dwarfed them in the movies. Two variants were made though. One was a shrunk down version that was 6 inches (which I found insulting) and the true version, the one being reviewed here, that stands at 14 inches tall. While he doesn’t come with any weapons, he does come with a few features. The right arm has a small protruding branch at the top, near the shoulder, that when pull raises his whole arm up and down, good for throwing those pesky orcs. He also comes with electronics. Another, more obvious but semi camo'ed branch is located on his left side, next to his head. When pulled just a little he speaks, his eyes light up and his "mustache" moves to simulate mouth movement. The branches on his head are also styled so that other figures can sit without falling, though only small figures or ones with lots of articulation that can be moved right can sit/stand up there.

His paintjob is one of the best I’ve ever seen. His whole body is a dark bark brown with spots of green to looks like moss. His whole beard is made of a moss bark combo. The smaller branches that hold leaves are also brown. The leaves are mostly an olive green but some are also yellow, apparently it was going into fall during the War of the Ring. His eyes are a very dull yellow but turn a brighter color when light up. Above his left eye he has several mushroom/fungus type things which are like their orange real life counterparts.

Articulation was NOT lost on his size. He sports articulation at the knees, thighs, elbows, shoulders and like some of the ML figures, one sets of movement placed in the hands that move all the fingers at once.

One of the coolest figures I own and well worth the buy. The feet are large enough that any ML figure would have to move or otherwise be smashed. One of the truly great LOTR figures, one that really beats down its smaller counterpart (which to my knowledge is basically the same thing minus sound and size).

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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