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Sharku & Warg Beast Review

Sharku & Warg Beast
Lord of the Rings - Two Towers (Toy Biz) - Deluxe Horse & Riders
Sharku, the leader of the Warg riders from Isengard. Along with his comrades, they attacked the refugees of Rohan and took down many warriors and horses before Sharku was killed and his men were turned back.

To say this is one of my favorite figures is an understatement. This guy has got just about everything. Sharku comes with two things of interest. The first is a small riding dagger, one that fits in either hand but the right is preferred. the reason for this is because on his back Sharku has a small button. When the button is pushed in his right arm raises and then lowers quite fast when released, creating the perfect slash attack with the dagger.

Sharku is much like his movie counterpart. He comes wearing a warg pelt on his back, a small piece of armor across his chest, a loincloth/battle thong (I’m not sure how to quite describe it..) and wears chainmail paints from his feet up to his thighs.

His body is a dark tan almost orange color. The warg pelt is a dark brown color along with his daggers hilt. The dagger blade is silver and his armor, including thong and chainmail is black/rust color. His faced is fixed in a battle snarl and his teeth are white with a black base. His left ear curls out while his right ear looks like it either was bitten off or cut off. He bears a three-clawed scar running from his forehead down the right side of his face across the eye. The scare has a piece of "metal" across the worst part, kinda like barbaric stitches. His hair is also a dark brown

Sharku has good articulation, He has movement at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and thighs. Toybiz ,in another stroke of genius, made is legs completely out of a rubber. They move perfectly and aren’t loose, allowing him to stand fine. The rubber however, allows his legs to bend around his Wargs saddle when he’s placed on giving him a look like he’s in a crouching almost standing pose when on his mount.

His Warg is almost flawless. Looking like an oversized hyena, the only thing that makes it look domesticated is the small sable and reins that run down to its neck (they are on the figure and don’t move). Its coat is a dark brown, almost black in some areas. Its mane starts a black color and gradually turns from black to dark brown to light brown then finally to tan at the tips. Its mouth is a red color as if it just bit into something and its eyes are black. Its mouth is open but has a cool feature. In the back, above the back legs is a square button (it doesn’t stick out with when not pushed down is level with the rest of the body). When pushed down, the button causes the Warg to open and close its mouth on unsuspecting figures.

Articulation is also good on the Warg. All four thighs, knees and paws are moveable, allowing many poses. My only complaint is the back legs, which are a bit crooked, the right one leans inward. Luckily, this doesn’t affect standing or posing and it may just be my figure but it annoys me as it looks like he has a lazy back right leg.

Another kick@ss LOTR figure. The only flaw I could find would be the back leg but again, that may just be my figure. A wonderful addition to any figure collection, Sharku and Warg finally break the figure and horse duo with a new one: figure and beast duo.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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