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Aragorn (Helm's Deep) Review

Aragorn (Helm's Deep)
Lord of the Rings - Two Towers (Toy Biz) - Series 3
Frodo Baggins may have carried the ring to be destroyed but we all know Aragorn aka Strider is one of the biggest reasons he made it as far as he did.

ToyBiz has done a good job with the LOTR toy lines but there have been problems. One of these problems is the fact that several characters are constantly redone for each series. Aragorn is no exception, there are more then 3 versions of him out there. One however, stands above the rest, Helm's Deep Aragorn.

The king of men comes with several neat things. First he comes with his sword and a scabberd, the sword fits in well. The sword itself can be held in any hand but the right is preferred. The reason for this is due to his swinging action. When his legs are squeezed together, he quickly turns to the right and slashes down. He also comes with his dagger from the movie which can be stored snugly in another holder on his back.

This Aragorn looks better then most others for a few reasons. One main problem with the others was the screwed up faces. They just looked plain stupid, like one of those people who makes funny faces through the windows at those kids that make to much noise. This one isn’t like that and isn’t too bad, but still odd. His face is locked in what looks like a concentrated battle pose, as if he was in the middle of a duel. The other reason would be he doesn’t come with all the extra stuff that serves no purpose, like the firsts movies Aragorn.

His paintjob isn’t to bad either. He doesn’t come with fancy cloaks or a helmet. He comes wearing silver chainmail and over that is a medium length black coat. He wears brown gauntlets over his forearms and wears black boots. That’s it, no fancy details.

Articulation is pretty much the norm. Wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, thighs, knees and feet all sport movement. Also, due to his swinging action, his waist also moves.

Overall a pretty good figure but I was still disappointed with the face, it still doesn’t looks right. The sword also bothered me, it’s too bendy. Most other LOTR figures have hard sword plastic, Aragorn doesn’t.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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