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Doomsday Review

DC Super Heroes (Mattel) - Series 2
About 13 years ago, the badass Doomsday appeared and (long story short) killed Superman. Some people think you can't be a comic fan (even if it's Marvel) without knowing this. Then basically nothing. He has appeared since then, but nothing was as dramatic since, he hasn't re-killed Supes. Oh well.

Doomsday has had only 4 action figures so far: Hasbro made one about 11 years ago, DCD in 2003, this version (DCSH) and another by Mattel last September for JLU. Onto the review!

Sculpt- I don't care what you say, this is not a scaled down figure of DCD's. He has a few differences, but they are not the same! Okay, goosfraba. His main body is made out of hard plastic, while the face (he has a head underneath) and spikes/bones are rubber, for the little ones. His sculpt works pretty well with the articulation, with the exception of the shoulders, but that can be forgiven.

Packaging- this shoulda been before sculpt, but I made a boo-boo. Anyway, it has the exciting graphics of the entire series that always "pop" out at you. It displays the included comic well, as well as the figure. He has a paper insert that makes him look like he is breaking chains. Now onto the package itself. The card back is very sturdy, much better than Mattel's the batman. Funny how a company can make one toy line nearly perfect, yet make another nearly horrible. This package is the best kind: nice and sturdy so there is no shelf wear, yet is very easy to get into.

Paint- absolutely perfect! The wrinkles are slightly darker than the main body, a wash on the spikes, and no slop! Granted, most of the part are cast in their color, but they still coulda screwed up! Kudos Mattel!

Articulation- this is the biggest thing that sets this puppy apart from any other version. He comes with 23 points (I count the hips as 4)! He has: (slightly) ball jointed neck, ball shoulders, peg biceps, wrists, thighs, shins and waist, hinge knees, elbows, torso, and ankles, side to side ankles, and those hips that move like a regular ball joint without the ugly ball. The shoulders are restricted by the spikes, but work as a great cut joint. Few of the joints are loose, they’re a little tight but on mine, something came up with the side to side ankles. The joint is stuck on his left ankle. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, since I usually don’t use the joint, but its stuck hinged in towards the other foot. He still stands, thankfully, but he can fall easily. Other than that, nothing else is wrong, I just wished they woulda used a double ball neck (ala superman returns Clark to superman), but its not that major.

Accessories- he has his comic. It’s a great read: he’s just arrived in metropolis. I think (but not sure) that superman just found him, but his cape is tattered from the beginning, so I don’t know. Superman says his rampage ends here, and at the end he says "even if it kills me". Overall a great issue. You could count the paper insert as an accessory, but its pretty flimsy and there’s nothing to support it. The comic makes a GREAT background. I honestly can’t think of anything else they coulda given him, except maybe Supes torn cape.

Scale: this is the worst part about this little pecker. He is right at eye level with the DCSH superman. Doomy is at least a foot taller, so he should be roughly 7.5". This is really the only bad thing about this figure (the ankle thing isn’t on every figure, I checked at wal*mart).

Overall: this figure isn’t around anymore, the only reason I reviewed him is because: He’s been lost for about a month and I just found him an hour ago, the other site I do reviews at OAFE (their forum, I’m Tom-Tom over there as well) already has it in the main reviews, and I really wanted to review him. The scale issue pushes him to 4.5 stars but if he had been properly sized, he easily coulda gotten the full five.

      by Tom-Tom   Update Review

User Comments
Unknown User - Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Good show, Tom Tom. Glad to read your spot-on review of Doomsday. I believe this is a Four Horsemen sculpt which would help explain its awesomeness.
Unknown User - Monday, January 1, 2007
Doc is the resident camera man...well resident camera and review man, he may even fit the resident critic to
Dr Nightmare - Monday, January 1, 2007
Heh, yeah I submitted most of the loose DCSH and ML pictures. Captain Coder has a bunch of pictures in storage but he''s waiting for the few pictures needed to fully complete a series before posting it in the Galleries.
Attack Armor Batman? That sounds like it will look so damn cool
Tom-Tom - Monday, January 1, 2007
that''s your picture?! i thought no one had reviewed it, but saw someone had after i submitted it. im gonna review the attack armor batman once it ships.
Dr Nightmare - Monday, January 1, 2007
Yeah, the shoulders are a pain in the arse sometimes, I had to trim off some of the little spikes to let the shoulders move all around. The feet on mine are to frikkin annoying, they''re angled (as you can see in the review picture) and refuse to change
You can review any figure you want in this place, wether reviewed already or not, the more the merrier. I like reading other people''s gripes and praise, I get tired of writing sometimes

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