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Mr. Fantastic (Bendy Attachments) Review

Mr. Fantastic (Bendy Attachments)
Fantastic Four - Movie (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Never trust a guy who has a first name as the last and a last name as the first!

Reed Richards stands 6 inches tall (a little taller if you count his hair) and wears the nifty and more modern blue/black/grey version of the F4 suit. The "4" symbol on his chest is embossed and neatly painted (remember, paint-quality always varies from figure to figure!). Also there are cool neat little "4" buttons on the boots' cuffs, a nice touch of detail! I like how the black boots/gloves/collar are flat black, they look nice in contrast to the glossier blue plastic of the body. The grey areas also have a matte-finish and are neatly painted for the most part. The only part where they squiggle a little is near the inner-shoulder but it isn't very noticeable. The head-sculpt is amazing. The guy who played Reed in the movie was a perfect fit and this figure reflects that perfection. He has that certain dorky look about him but in a cool way, hah. The brown hair looks realistic and it looks like there are supposed to be grey streaks on the sides but they just look like the painter's brush slipped The brown eyes are neatly-painted and he has an eyebrow raised like he's thinking "I wonder how many marbles I can stick up my nose?" The whole figure has great detail like stitching and folds and wrinkles.

Mr. Fantastic, what a horribly pompous name, who came up with that?...oh right, this is supposed to be about the articulation, sorry! Richards has all the standard Marvel Legends articulation and then some! The midsection-hinge is always a nice extra, he has some well-made shoulder-sleeves that pivot back and forth, and the fingers are individually articulated! In fact, this has to be THE BEST glove sculpt I have seen so far, MUCH BETTER than the bulky Bullseye/Moon Knight hands. I think you could even pass these as female hands (for customs) because they are the perfect all-around size! The only major problem with articulation is the neck because it is inevitable that you will chip some of the paint there every time you move it. The swivels in the arms and legs are a little lower than usual to make removing the body-parts easier (see next paragraph). Instead of swiveling (turning) just under the shoulders/hips they swivel at about mid-bicep and mid-thigh. The body still looks good and doesn't impair movement at all, I just thought you guys might find this noteworthy.

Normally I hate any added features or gizmos on a figure but this guy's "stretching" feature is frikkin' cool! His body pops apart at the following areas: neck, waist, mid-biceps, mid-forearms (gloves), mid-thighs, mid-calves (boots). The pegs are ribbed (no, I refuse to make jokes about "Susan's pleasure") so they pop out with a little tugging (no jokes!). They pop apart so you can plug-in a total of 10 "snap-on bendy attachments" to transform Richards into the most hilarious giant wiggling wall of Jell-O! I was laughing too much to even measure the final height but it looks like he's a little over a foot tall. Trying to get Richards to stand up-right while "stretched" is a joke all of its own. The pieces are made of the same stuff as flexible capes are (and feel like they have the same consistency, hah) and detach as easily as they attach. They do retain their shape a little though, like the twisty-ties that keep figures strapped to their packages. Surprisingly, the joints are still tight even after all the wiggling but I suspect they will become loose after multiple transmorfigurations.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Tuesday, May 8, 2007
The gloves and boots were the best part of him
Dr Nightmare - Monday, May 7, 2007
I need like 3 pairs of this guy''s gloves
hawkeye - Monday, May 7, 2007
Last I saw they were $4 at the Zellers near me. I can try to snag you a few if they still have them.
Unknown User - Monday, May 7, 2007
Ive come to love these figures as custom bases though, I wish I had a few more...
hawkeye - Monday, May 7, 2007
The only word I have for this figure is SUCKS. The only worse FF toy was the Smash and crash Thing
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, January 7, 2007
Looks just like him!
Yeah, well, it still looks like crap on the figure I got, very splotchy.
demonsight - Sunday, January 7, 2007
That''s not Mr. Fantastic that''s Jon Stewart.
VariablePenguin - Sunday, January 7, 2007
His hair isn''t too grey because it wasn''t very grey in the movie. He was just starting to get that distinctive Reed greyness after the mission into space.

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