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Human Torch (Flame-On) Review

Human Torch (Flame-On)
Fantastic Four - Movie (Toy Biz) - Series 1
You've gotta love translucent plastic with cool flashing light-up action and sound, and if you don't then there is something seriously wrong with epilepsy.

Torchy stands 6 inches tall, and a little taller if you count his hair. Sound familiar? That's because this guy is just a Mr Fantastic re-cast in clear red plastic, he even has the same face for Pete's sake, minus the raised eyebrow. There are some minor modifications that make all the difference though. Since this guy isn't supposed to be able to "stretch" like Richards, the swivel-joints on the arms and legs have been moved back to "normal position" so the shoulders and hips are now standard swivel-hinges. The shoulder-sleeves are also gone, to make room for the batteries in his chest, and are well worth the sacrifice. What really makes this figure look like the Human Torch, apart from being completely transparent-red, are the swirling flames all over his head and body. The flames on his head are sculpted but the ones on his body are flexible and writhing over him, yet amazingly they don't limit articulation at all! They are clear-red, like the main body, but are still visible enough to add the needed detail. Just be careful not to tug on them too hard or they may pop off (they can be easily re-attached with some glue). As far as paint goes, there isn't much on this figure. The F4 symbol on his chest isn't completely embossed, only an outlining-ring remains. I can't tell if the "4" in the circle is painted or just a sticker and I don't want to risk messing it up to find out There was a half-hearted attempt at painting the eyes to add some detail but they just look bad. I would prefer just two black dots instead if they aren't going to put a full effort into them. Maybe it's just a problem on my figure though.

Johnny has all the standard ML articulation including a mid-section hinge and individually articulated figures. Thankfully the neck was re-made into a standard swivel-hinge, and despite there being a light in his head, the head still moves in all directions! I don't know how they did this but I'm happy with it. I'm afraid I'm going to turn his head the wrong way and snap the light's connection but it hasn't happened yet. One major complaint, his left arm fell off! I tried turning it and the shoulder-peg ripped off so I had to replace it with a small screw, make sure to loosen this guy up before playing.

Now onto the crazy features! The most noticeable ones are the lights in his head and chest. There is a little, and I mean LITTLE button on his back that makes the lights shine. The button is practically invisible, it isn't some ugly clunky thing like many other figures have. The lights are bright enough to be noticeable even in a well-lit room. There is also a base packaged along with Johnny, and even though the base is painted yellow and orange instead of clear-red (like the package CLEARLY shows that it SHOULD be :/ ) it is still worth keeping. The base connects to his back with 2 metal pins that transfer power into it. There is a button on the base that makes it shout "Flame on!" followed by rushing sounds. It also makes Torchy flicker on and off, which, hah. The words are spoken loudly and clearly which is always a plus. You've really got to stick those pegs all the way into his back or else the base won't operate. The batteries are located in his chest and can easily be replaced when they die out.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Chancellor - Monday, September 15, 2008
yeah, the body is totally just a re-cast. the joints are different be cause the torch doesn''t have to break up into a bunch of pieces so you can an attatch his extending parts. although the two figures might''ve been from the same series. so i don''t know weather the body was used on the torch first, or mr. fantastic.
Dr Nightmare - Monday, September 15, 2008
I wish someone would paint the face so we can see the details, I don''t want to ruin mine xP
And I mentioned the joints:
PureToreador - Monday, September 15, 2008
Take a closer look. This is sooo not a Reed Richards recast. (How''s that for some Stan Lee style alliteration.) The leg joints are in different places on the hip/thigh rotators. And the hair is obviously sculpted after Chris Evans'' close cropped buzz cut.

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