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Professor X Review

Professor X
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Series 9 - Galactus Series
Finally, a fully articulated Xavier! If you think it's wrong that even his legs are poseable then obviously you are not a customizer. Please leave this review now.

Xavier stands 6 1/4 inches to the top of his perfectly-shaped head and wears the only suit he's ever worn for as long as the X-Men comics have been around. It's a dark greyish-blue and is molded in that color so you never have to worry about paint chipping anywhere. The only paint on it is the small area of the shirt that sticks-out and the black striped tie. The suit has creases, pockets, and painted buttons as detail. The part of the jacket on his torso is made of flexible material, kinda like a long vest. He has shiny black shoes for dancing...I mean, for sitting. The hands and head are painted with a smooth matte finish. The hands are kind of feminine though, you know how ladies put out their hands to have them kissed? That's what both his hands look like! They look normal resting in the wheelchair's arm-rests though. Xavier's face is neatly painted, the eyes look good. The wheelchair also looks good, very stylish and modern. I can't forgive Toy Biz for not adding a super pull-and-rip feature to the chair. You know like those old Hot Wheels cars that you pull back on the floor and they go flying off by themselves. That would be awesome...

Xavier has all standard ML articulation, the suit doesn't impair any of it. The head was a little loose on mine. I like how the hands connect to the sleeves, very natural-looking.

This is a nifty figure, but it looks a little bland.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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