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Orc Overseer (with Newborn Uruk-Hai) Review

Orc Overseer (with Newborn Uruk-Hai)
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (Toy Biz) - Series 2
Here's another LOTR rings character that’s only seen for a few minutes, has no big impact but turned out to be a good figure.

Our good friend the Overseer was part of the spawning pools in Isengard and helped cultivate the Uruk Hai warriors. He stands at about 5.30 inches tall, he would be taller but he was sculpted in a semi leaning position that makes him shorter, though not by to much. He comes with several things. First off, a ninetail whip that fits only in his right hand, the left one being open while right being closed. On his back is a small lever, when pulled down he swings his right arm, thus swinging the whip. He also comes with a spawning "bed" which resembles a strange plant with several large slits at the top. The slips are to allow another item, an Uruk body into the plant. The Uruk is nude(no controversial anatomy revealed) and is in a fetal position/getting up position. The Uruks face is in an angry roar and his arms are semi raised. The plant also has a small knob in the back. When the Uruk body is put in the plant and the knob is pushed, a small extension pushed the Uruk body up and out of the plant, as if his cultivation is complete and he’s ready for battle.

All the things have nice paint jobs. The Overseer has pale skin and white hair giving him the look of age. He wears black paints and shirt with armored clothes over. Of course the armor is painted silver. His whip is a dark brown. The plant base, meant to look like vines is a dark green with the bulb being a mud brown. The Uruk body is much different then its picture counterpart. Instead of being a bright red he is more dark brown with rust red splotches here and there.

Articulation is decent to, though devoid from the Uruk body and the plant. The Overseer has the norm of body articulation, the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thighs and knees. The whips handle is not bendy but the individual ropes are and allow bending.

Overall all a pretty cool figure but I wish the Uruk body featured more detail.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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