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Tyrant Review

Resident Evil (Toy Biz)
The ultimate bio-weapon. Nearly unstoppable and just as unpredictable as you can get...

Being a huge RE fan, I jumped at the chance at getting a Tyrant figure off Figurerealm. I can happily say it was money well spent, this guy is awesome. bearing a perfect likeness to his game character, the tyrant stands at about nine inches tall, easily dwarfing other RE characters just like he should. He features two points of interest. One is his "blood pumping" action. In the front of his chest, on the left side is a large organ type thing. Here there are two circular slots along with the organ that aren’t painted a translucent red like the rest of the organ, but clear. By pushing a cleverly hid button, disguised as a blob of tissue, inwards, artificial blood(red water)gets moved around the organs, simulating moving blood, something that fits nicely. The other point of interest is his swinging action. His right arm, which is his clawed arm, was made hollow and on a different type of joint, allowing it to swing more. His waist is also on a "twister", when the arm is raised and pulled neck, the waist turns. When released the waist swings back into a straight, forward position thus acting like the Tyrant just took a swing at you.

The Tyrants paint job is cool and simple. His body is mostly a light grey with the upper torso being a darker grey. Numerous veins and exposed organs are painted blood red. His mouth is in an open position and is also red. His nails and claws are painted a black color.

Articulation is superb on this guy. He features movement at the shoulders, elbows, waist, knees and feet. Unfortunately his head has no movement. this is because the organ that represents his heart extends up his chest and onto his head, covering most of the right side besides his eye.

An awesome figure. Not only can he be used as an enemy for other RE characters but also has an enemy for any superheros or villains since he dwarfs even ML figures.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Saturday, January 13, 2007
Oh man...I need one of these guys

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