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Hunter / Chimera Review

Hunter / Chimera
Resident Evil (Toy Biz)
More monsters have made it out of the RE world and into the way of Action Figures.

Like the Tyrant, these guys are cool. Since there are two, this review will be broken down so I don’t miss anything.

First up is the Hunter, one of my favorite enemy’s from the RE universe. Like most of the other RE figures, he bears a good likeness. Standing at about 4.75 inches he is slightly short, mainly due to his sculpt which displays him in a ready to go pose. He has one big action feature. Like the Tyrant, he also has a "free waist" which allows him to perform the slashing move. His however looks more realistic since not only is the waist tighter which allows him to spin faster but he also has an "item" on his right claw. This item is on his middle and index claw and is what appears to be part of someone’s head. Its permanently fixed and looks like a glob of flesh with and eyeball hanging from it, making it look like he just offed someone.

His paintjob is another simple but effective job. His body bears an olive green color with blotches of brown here and there. His body supports may veins which retain the color of skin they happen to be going through at the time. His mouth is painted red and his talons are black. The glob of flesh on the claws is tan and the eye is a normal eye color.

Articulation is still your basic figure. The heads fixed so no movement there however there is movement at the shoulders, waist, elbows, wrists and thighs, not bad.

I give him a 4.75. I like the figure but I dislike the stuck flesh on the claws, it would look better without out it. I also think the Hunter's face looks a bit to goblinish. Other then that, it’s nice.

Next up is the Chimera, the bug king of the Umbrella Labs.

This guys short, only 4 inches from feet to the top of his back spikes. He's stuck this way because he's sculpted in a crouching position. He's got one thing that makes him really cool. When you push the button on his chest, his head pops off, stick back in and repeat. The toymakers were thinking here, his head is connected to a string so it's hard to lose.

Paintjob is still nothing fancy, body’s mostly black with purplish blotches. Eyes and claws are al a tan color with the claws having red streaks.

Articulation isn’t great either, only in the head, shoulders and thighs, however they did make up for this by giving him his trademark scythed right arm.

Normally this wouldn’t be a special figure, there’s not much to it. However, I like RE and I think he's a good likeness, besides the crouching pose reenacts his wall attack from the game. Therefore, he gets a 4.00 rating from me.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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