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Chris Redfield / Cerberus Review

Chris Redfield / Cerberus
Resident Evil (Toy Biz)
The hotshot main character and the blood thirsty dogs from the first RE game, could there be anything better?

Our hero Chris stands at 5 1/4 inches tall, still short for the RE line. this is again, due to his pose. He's in that aiming the gun pose, leaning slightly to the right and forward to line up the shot. He comes with several points of interest, the first being his weapons. He comes with three ways to deal out the pain, a knife, a revolver and a flamethrower. The knife is pretty cool but one thing, its to small, he cant hold it properly. Thus as all small objects, its doomed to be stuck in its case, right above his left breast with hilt down. The revolver is good, it actually fits in his hand, alas there is no holster so I improvised and now when Christ goes on missions he carries a suitcase. The Flamethrower is the weirdest gun I’ve seen for awhile. Why you ask? It shoots ROCKETS!!! Like a good gun, you push the missile into the barrel then pull down a lever, thus firing the rocket. Sounds good but why not just have it be a rocket launcher? In fact it looks more like a rocket launcher then a flamethrower, minus the gas tank jutting out the bottom. Chris also has another feature. On his back is a lever (The toymakers must like levers). When pulled he does a quick turn to the left and his right arm shoots up, simulating a fire and turn move which actually looks good.

I’m impressed with his paintjob, its good and more detailed. He wears flat black/dark blue boots and pants and flat black fingerless tactical gloves. Staying true to the game, he wears the white sure with the STARS symbol on it and the STARS olive green vest. He has a look of irritation on his face, the painters even painted his green eyes right!!! His hair is an orange/red color.

Articulation nice here two. He moves at the head, shoulders, elbows, waist, thighs, knees and feet.

Now on to the Cerberus or zombie dogs. I was surprised to see how this guy came out, surprised in a good way!!!
The zombie dog stands at about 2-2 1/4 inches tall, a good height when taking in his scale and size to other figures. Has one main feature, he goes boom. When his body is assembled(its three parts) and the necks is pushed down, the body falls apart as if he's been taken down. A nice feature but its hard to keep the body together and sometimes the boom feature doesn’t work.

Like Chris, his paintjob is nice. He looks mostly like his Doberman counterpart, all flat black with brownish paws. However, he does support his zombieness. The whole right side of his face is gone, even the right ear. The body, mostly the stomach is easily seen as rotting with shreds of muscle and skin hanging, there are even maggots in the skin!!! His insides are all a mix of black and blood red.

Of course, he supports minimal articulation, only on his jaw which allows the mouth to open and close.

He's a nice figure and fits any RE fans collection. I have to give him a 4.75 though, the challenge of getting his body to stay together and the low boom feature were a bit disappointing.

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