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Iron Man vs Mandarin (Green) Review

Iron Man vs Mandarin (Green)
Marvel Legends (Toy Biz) - Face Off Sets - Series 2
Iron Man has to have the worst villains EVER. A guy with a bunch of rings that shoot stuff? Come on! Iron Man is a frikkin' tank that can fly! A little ring isn't going to do anything to him! If his enemies were the Green Lantern Corps, then you'd have a story!

I can't give an exact estimate on Mandarin's size (because I scrapped him for parts before I reviewed him) but let's say around 6 inches to be safe. Overall, this is a sloppy figure. The paint is awful everywhere and he is prety much immobile because of the big rubber robe he wears. The robe is green with sloppily-painted yellow flames AND IT SMELLS BAD! As soon as I opened the package, like a punch on the nose came the awful stench of rancid plastic. It isn't removable either. The base body is a completely black Archangel body from the XMC series, it's slender and good for a young character's custom. Only the head and hands are different. The hands are claw-like with long nails and have multi-colored, multi-designed rings on each finger which are, surprise!, awfully painted. The head is alright, Mandarin is screaming with teeth baring and the twisted goateee all around. He's wearing a metallic-green mask with some nifty yellow designs on it. The eyes are a solid shiny red. He has long black hair that sticks out the back of the helmet/mask.

The body under all that stinky robe is a fully-articulated body, but you won't get to see or use it unless you slice that robe off.

The only reason you should buy the Face-Off pack Mandarin comes in is for the cool Iron Man or the variant War Machine (just a repainted Iron Man).

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Friday, January 12, 2007
Oh hell yes he did, maybe you can use them as Lady Deathstrike hands?
ratboy - Friday, January 12, 2007
Did he have pretty pink finger nails like I''ve seen on some.

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