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Spider-Man (Red Costume) Review

Spider-Man (Red Costume)
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Classics - Series 1
Remember in the comics when Spiderman wore that hydro-suit?...what about when he wore the anti-vampire-suit?...the anti-symbiote suit?...the paragliding-suit? That's right because HE NEVER WORE THOSE SUITS. Please, if any toy companies are reading this, DO NOT make any more wacky suits for Spiderman. Are you guys actually making money on them? Stick to making the original suit flawlessly articulated and then you guys can so ahead and monkey around with a shark-suit Spiderman.

Spiderman stands about 5.875 inches tall, I assume that's in-scale with other 6-inch figures since Spiderman is about 5' 10''. This Spidey is one of the better designs (especially the eyes) but definitely not one of the best articulated. The web-design on the suit is engraved an filled in with black. It looks like they gave him a quick wash of it so some of the lines aren't defined at all. the blue areas are cast in blue plastic (meaning no risk of paint-chipping) and the red gloves and boots are cast in red plastic (no paint-chipping!). The red on the upper-body is painted on but it looks like it's part of the blue...point is that this is a really natural-looking paint-job. The eyes are stark-white with a thick black outline. The shape of the head is up to you to decide whether it looks good or not. It's shaped like the Symbiote Spidey's head (from the same line of figures) so...go read that review! The whole figure is made of hard shiny plastic. The spider-symbols are neatly engraved and painted.

For some reason people want their Spideys to be super-articulated, with no excuses!, and I am one of those people. Most basic areas are articulated, but they aren't all articulated well. The shoulders have limited movement and the arms don't swivel at all. The neck doesn't let Spidey look up or down, and even though his mid-section floats around, it's not good enough to allow him to crouch or bend to the sides. a Mid-section HINGE would have been better. The index and middle-finger are articulated individually for a "THWIP!" hand-position. The joints are still tight after months of posing so they are definitely sturdy.

Spidey is packaged along with a cool base you can hang on the wall and stick him onto it. There are much better versions of Spiderman out there but this one looks pretty good.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
VariablePenguin - Saturday, January 13, 2007
He seems to have articulation similar to the SMC Daredevil.
We want a super articulate Spidey becuase Spikey needs to be able the crouch down really low.
Unknown User - Saturday, January 13, 2007
that spidey looks abit like ultimate spiderman.

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