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Avalanche Review

X-Men - 2006 Series (Toy Biz) - Series 3
I don't know much about Avalanche but this guy has such an narly suit! It's definitely much more detailed and fitting than the old blue/silver suit I've seen him in.

Avalanche stands almost 6.75 inches tall! The dude is huge! I'm not sure if he should be that tall but he looks great! The suit's design is very appropriate for a guy who can crumble entire mountains into the sea. The main suit is dark-blue but it's heavily covered with orange/dark-grey rock and iron armor, beautifully detailed with seams, belts, bolts, and screws (the armor is very dark, nothing like the bright silvery-color in the Toy Biz photos). There's an "A" on the front of his belt instead of on his forehead like before. He wears a rocky helmet that covers his head completely with only the eyes and screaming mouth showing. He looks evil, plain and simple. I think it's funny that the forehead-area of the helmet has creases in it, like Avalanche is frowning THROUGH the helmet. The eyes are neatly-painted black with a small white circle in the center. For some reason there is some oil-colored paint on his face (like the DCSH Bizarro), mainly around his nose; luckily, it isn't too noticeable. He has shoulder-pads that can move up and down so they won't restrict arm-movement. This has to be best figure from the X-Men Classics series or at least tied with the customizer's dream, Rogue.

The articulation is perfect on this figure, despite all the sculpted armor. Avalanche has all the poseability of a Marvel Legends figure including a mid-section click-hinge and individually articulated fingers! The hips and shoulders are also click-joints which is awesome because they will NEVER become loose. All the joints on this figure are very tight and reliable.

I got my figure loose but I heard he was supposed to come packaged with an insanely-vibrating base that is supposed to be quite an entertaining gadget.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

User Comments
Dr Nightmare - Sunday, January 14, 2007
No way, this guy''s body is perfectly sculpted not hunched over like the Shocker''s.
modern_messiah - Sunday, January 14, 2007
Hey, do you guys thoink they used the smc sShocker as ab base?
Kyle Robinson - Saturday, January 13, 2007
the base is the most intresting its like a horse comb.. you wind it up and it vibrates around the table on the bristls. I removed that part of it doc but used the OG base on my custom. looks like rocks.
ratboy - Saturday, January 13, 2007
No base...knew I forgot to send someting.

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