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Smeagol (Crawling Action) Review

Smeagol (Crawling Action)
Lord of the Rings - Return of the King (Toy Biz) - Series 2
Well, throughout all the repacking, remaking and pissing fans off, one figure has done all these the most, Gollum. How many Gollums can we get?!? Its amusing to walk in a store months after the LOTR figures have gone off the shelves and STILL see several rows of Gollums there, most people don’t want him and I can see why. He’s small, ugly and utterly useless after the first figure. Yet we still got hordes of them. This one isn’t so bad though im not saying he’s much good.

Paintjob is the same as every other Gollum, he’s grey. He'll ALWAYS be grey. Well technically grey with brown loincloth thing. What really saved this thing was his base, it at least does him some good, oh and the fact he has magnets in his feet, magnets are always fun. The base looks like the side of a cliff, its black has to hand things which you are supposed to stick his hands into then watch him climb. It doesn’t work, if it does its hard to do, either way I haven’t tried more then once nor will I.

Articulation is like a ML figure which is amazing that the crappy figures get all the good stuff. He’s got it all, right down to a mid section hinge joint and individual finger joints. Must be an incentive to buy him.

Overall, only good if your a major fan, other then that don’t waste your money on him unless you want to customize him or use him as a target, even then I wouldn’t pay much for him.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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