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Merry and Pippin vs Moria Orc Review

Merry and Pippin vs Moria Orc
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (Toy Biz) - Multi-Packs
This is gonna be a pretty short review, I've already done 1/3 of it!!!

One of the first combo packs in the LOTR waves, all three figures would later be redone and repackaged, well at least the hobbits would get redone, the orc doesn't. As you already know, or can go check out yourself, I've done the Orc (its basicly like the repackage, items and all) so you get to hear about the hobbits.

Both Hobbits are short, about 3 inches each, the fact both are in weird fighting poses doesn't help either. They each come with three things, each get a sword, a pouch/sack and each gets their own cloak, which is different for each. They also come with the swinging action via switch on their backs, old stuff.

Both are wearing their clothes from the movie, which is basicly green pants, coat and a white shirt and some odd looking scarf. Headsculpts are pretty good, Merry looks like he's in serious combat, Pippin looks like he's going to throw up, both are ironically accurate

Articulation is actually kinda poor at only the heads, shoulders and thighs.

Pretty good for a first wave combo, good enough they all get redone. My only complaint is the Hobbits poor articulation, just because they are in a combo pack it doesnt mean they should be downgraded.

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User Comments
Unknown User - Monday, January 15, 2007
Waaay to much
I still have a few more I need to review
ratboy - Monday, January 15, 2007
Dude, how much LOTR stuff do you have????

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