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Uruk-Hai Warrior vs Gimli Review

Uruk-Hai Warrior vs Gimli
Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring (Toy Biz) - Multi-Packs
Through all the repaints, remakes and re-everythings, this is one of those things that SHOULD have been repackaged in another wave. I mean come on, we got two actual Uruk soldiers, not counting Lurtz and three Gimli's. Both of these figures are the top of their class to.

Lets start off with Gimli. To simply state it, the figure of him alone with the ring on the pedistal doesnt even TOUCH this. He comes with tons of stuff. A cloak, removable helmet, battle axe (two heads), long axe with one head and two throwing axe's, each being different molds. He also comes with a throwing feature. Put a throwing axe in throwing in his hand, squeeze his legs together and watch the axe fly, the little things go pretty far.

His paint is perfect, exactly like the movie counterpart. The cloack is a dark blue and grey combo while the axes are mixtures of silver, gold and brown.

Articulations pretty good at the neck, shoulders and thighs. Not as much as other characters but I think to much would have killed the figure.

Next is the Uruk, which is possibly the best Uruk sculpt made. He comes decked out in his armor and comes with two items, an Uruk sword and shield, maybe it was just mine but I didn't get a helmet like the picture shows. He has a cool feature, a small finger button on his back. You push the button to the figures right and he takes a swing with his sword and he raises his shield arm, giving him a slice-bash combo.

His paint is sweet to. His armor and items are the usual Uruk black while his skin is blood red. Across his face is the white hand symbol.

Articulation is good here. Featuring movement at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, thighs and knees, hes good for any poses.

Both are excellent figures and a good addition to any collection, both get fives.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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