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Admiral Ackbar Review

Admiral Ackbar
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Green Card
Our good admiral was the leader of the Alliances star fleet.

As a typical SW figure, Ackbar stands at 3.75 inches tall. His sculpt is pretty good, when hes at full height he actually looks like hes standing up straight instead of leaning forward. He comes with one weapon, a blaster. This blaster is actually interesting, it doesn't fit into either of his hands but rather on his arm. Due to his race, he has small "spikes" protruding from each arm. The blaster is designed to wrap around the arm and use the spikes for support. The blaster fits quite well and stays in place.

From the little bit we actually see of him in the movie, his drees looks on. He wears his admiral white with yellow stripes down the sides of his pants.His shirt also has his rank detailed on it through the use of mixing different colored paints to the square rank symbols. His skin is a rust brown which fits his species and his eyes are yellow with black iris's. His blaster is a flat black color.

His articulation is that of any SW figure of this line. This means he can only move his head, shoulders and legs.

A cool figure to add for more diversity in the ranks but to me he just seems a bit insignificant.

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