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Garindan (Long Snoot) Review

Garindan (Long Snoot)
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Freeze Frame
Heres a character who had less then five minutes of air time, did very little in that time and still got made into a figure.

Long Snoot stands the traditional 3.75 inches tall. he comes with one weapon, well technically two. He comes with a small blaster which fits in his left hand but his right hand is permanently closed and his holding a supposed com device, which to me looks more like a hand grenade then anything else.

Long Snoot comes in what you could call his movie clothes. Sporting a black coat, blue clothes underneath and grey goggles he would be a pretty good spy. The com device is a grey color while the blaster is black while his skin is a dirty water color.

Articulation is interesting here. He contains movement in the head, shoulders and legs like any other figure but its different here. The way his coat is designed makes moving his arms difficult and rather tiresome so they are much better at his sides. The head is also impaired by the coat and is better left facing straight.

Not a bad figure, I actually like the way he looks, like some alien secret agent. My only problem is again his relevance. The SW line has a habit of making characters who are pretty much just background.

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