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Sandtrooper Review

Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Red Card
Another trooper of the empire, we never can get enough of them. each one just adds more and more to our growing army of terror lol.

Standing slightly less then 3.75 inches, the trooper is a good figure. He stands less due to his stance which has him slightly leaning forward but in a good way like hes running. He comes with two items, a backpack and rifle. The backpack fits into his back through a clip and the rifle is a two hander, one which is hands are fitted to allowing him to use his properly.

His garb is true to the movies. His white armor is was slightly coated in tan to give ihm a dusty look. His rifle is a flat black and the strap is loose plastic so it can move. The backpack is also a black color with several spots painted grey. His er rank thing is mostly black but with and orange end, asserting to his rank.

A cool figure that again, adds to a cool army of many types of battle. His sculpt is done well and his weapon fits nicely. The backpack also fits nicely and stays in well.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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