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Weequay Review

Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Hologram Green Card
The Weequay stands at 3.75 inches tall and is sculpted nicely. In stead of being in the usual hands at side, walking forward pose hes more in a guarding pose. His chest isn't even slightly puffed nor is he leaning forward. He comes with two weapons, his force pike which fits very nicely into his hands and a blaster which I figure isnt intended to fit into his hands as they are set to the angle for the pike

His paintjob is pretty accurate to his movie counterpart as far as I can tell. He wears tan pants with rust brown boots. His upper armor is also a rust brown color and looks allot like a Flak Jacket to me. Under his upper armor he wears a white shirt. His weapon is crafted in a silver color. His hair has been put into braids which are black with yellow streaks. His skin is a dry mud color which fits his race.

Articulation is again, the norm. He has movement in his head, shoulders and legs. Due to the way his legs are sculpted, sitting down he looks very odd.

Overall a cool figure that adds to any SW collection. he is another character that adds a barbaric nature with his apparent simpleness.

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