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Imperial Sentinel Review

Imperial Sentinel
Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Expanded Universe
The Imperial Sentinel, cyborg guards who were nearly unstoppable. Not in any of the SW movies they appeared in the Expanded Universe, the many series following the Battle of Endor and the begging of the end of the evil Empire.

This guy is actually bigger then most SW figures at about 4 inches instead of the usual 3.75 inches. He features three separate things that give him character and a cool edge. First off, he comes with a massive axe which is taller then him. For an axe its size and buily it actually fits in his hands with easy and if positioned right lets him move the arm its in. The second feature is a removable cloak which as stated can be taken off and put back on without much difficulty. The third feature is his glowing eyes. Apparently Hasbro wanted to use a glowing sections feature with the SW line. Certain parts of some figures were made with transparent colors so when light shown through it looked like the area was glowing. They used this here on the Sentinel. A small section of the back of his head is clear red along with the eyes. When the light shines through his eyes look like they are glowing, a cool feature.

His paint and sculpt is good. He retains a human look even though he’s really a robot. He wears red robes with gold buckles. The removable robe is an even darker red, almost purple with gold shoulder pads. His head looks kinda like a red cube with a gold spike coming out either side. His battle axe has a black handle while the axe head is silver.

Articulation is the exact of the Imperial Guard and at first one could mistake him for a super guardsmen. No movement other then the arms. He makes up for this though by having a completely flat base which makes him hard to knock over and lets him stand on much surfaces.

A really cool figure that would have been interesting to see in the movies. He gets a 5 out of 5 from me.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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