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Yoda Review

Star Wars - Power of the Force (1995) (Kenner) - Flashback Photos
A lot of the Flashback figures were actually just repackages of previous figures, maybe minus an item or with an item added. Yoda here is no different having been made and used in the Basic figures wave from the same series. There is a difference however, the first wave had him come with a backpack and his cane, this one had him come with his cane and a pot, I prefer the pot over the backpack since its more his scale.

Anyhow, Yoda stands short at about 2 inches, much smaller then most other SW figures. As stated, he comes with two items, his cane and his pot with stand. The cane fits nicely into his hands while the pot adds more to him. He also comes with real feel hair which is white to show his age.

His color is still that of the movie and is pretty much the same as before. His clothes are simple jedi tan robes. His skin color is a light green. Both cane and pot are light orange while the pot stand is grey. His face holds a humorous but wise look.

Articulation is the same as before which to say is very little but in the right places. He features movement at the neck, shoulders and a hinge joint. I guess giving him individual leg articulation would have been to much trouble so he got a hinge joint, which is fine as it still lets him move quite a bit.

A good figure but disappointing since its pretty much just a repackage. The only things changed were the items and this incarnation was given hair.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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