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Battle Droid (Sliced) Review

Battle Droid (Sliced)
Star Wars - Phantom Menace (Hasbro) - Collection 1
The Battle Droid army. An army that needs not sleep nor food or rest. Several of these figures were made, the same mold but different designs like sliced, shot, dirty and clean. While only remakes and repaints they only add to a collection since to make a droid army you’ll need allot of droid which they so nicely produced for us and gave us diversity.

The one I’m reviewing is the Sliced Droid, a droid sliced into during the heat of the battle and stands at 3.75 inches. He comes with one weapon, a standard droid army blaster, a backpack and a voice card thing which was basically just a gimmick to get you to buy a card scanner to hear Ep1 quotes (whoopdee do). A nice feature is the fact that the blaster can attach to the backpack so he can carry it on his back then draw it for battle.

Our droid friend is much like his movie counterpart. His general body is a cream tan color. The only thing that separates him from other droids are his slash marks. Across his chest are silver slash marks, hence the sliced droid name. His blaster is a flat black, the standard weapon color while the backpack is also a cream tan. The sculpts fine, the hands hold the weapon. My only complaint and it may have just been my figure, mines right arm is slightly bent giving him a funny aim. Not a big deal but a bit odd.

Articulation actually got better with the Ep1 figures. The norm has changed, which the battle droid has. He has movement at the head, shoulders, elbows, thighs and knees which is considerably more then the previous series.

A cool figure even if he is just a remake, he’s a good one that adds to any army of droids.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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