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Jar Jar Binks Review

Jar Jar Binks
Star Wars - Phantom Menace (Hasbro) - Collection 1
Yes I know Jar Jar is probably the MOST hated SW character ever invented. All he did was get in the way and bumble about. He bears no use and helps start the Clone Wars which then destroy the Old Republic. Whoever made him a senator was an idiot...

Just because he’s an awful character doesn’t mean he’s a bad figure though quite the opposite, he’s quite good. He stand the typical 3.75 inches tall, the SW standard no matter what the line. He comes with the voice chip thing and a stun prod weapon. The weapons nice, it actually fits in his clumsy hands, though whoever gave him a weapon wasn’t thinking.

His paint is the movie style. He wears brown pants and a brown shirt. Over the shirt he wears a tan vest. His skin color is a light pink which descends into white. His face bears the classic lost look making him look goofy. The stun prod was sculpted using grey plastic so its a light grey.

Articulation is less in Binks. He’s only got movement in his neck, shoulders and legs, less then most other characters of the line.

A good figure that is probably worth more then the actual movie character. Not a bad buy, the stun prod is nice and he makes a good character to customize or strip for parts.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

User Comments
hawkeye - Monday, May 7, 2007
The paint apps on JarJar were perfect. I think it was a great job.

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