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Dennis Nedry Review

Dennis Nedry
Jurassic Park (Kenner) - Humans
The Jurassic Park lines have always produced good figures. The figures are always durable, have good playability and come with good weapons. Their only problem has to be that they aren’t in any way movie accurate besides in name. If anything, they are closer to the book.

Dennis Nedry here is no exception. Standing at roughly 5 inches(mines buried under more figures so I don’t have an exact measurement) he comes with several things. First off he comes with a collector card, a little card with a fun fact on the back and a scene from the movie on the front. Its amusing how they take Nedrys death scene and turn it into childhood humor by saying he’s taking a slide in the mud. He also comes with "dino damage" arms. In laymen’s terms, you can pull both arms off at will and put them back in. A cool feature that allows cool scenes. He also comes with two items, a gas mask and a spray weapon. Both have no relation to the movie but make good items. The gas mask fits nicely over his head and the spray weapon straps to his back and has the ability to squirt water. The gun also fits nicely into his hands. Nedry also comes with a cool Dilophosaurus hatchling.

As stated, the figures have almost nothing common with their movie counterparts, so of course he looks nothing like his movie self. Nedry has black plants and black gloves. His shirt is blue and has a blue JP ID on it. He also has a gun and holster which are painted brown across his chest. He's wearing black sunglasses and his hair is brown. The gas mask is a pea green color. The spray gun holder is silver along with the gun, the tank itself is yellow. The Dilo hatchling is a combination of light green and a darker green down his back.

Articulation is the usual for the old figures with only the head, arms and legs being able to move.

A good figure but its disappointing that he want more like his movie counterpart. At least they made his gut a bit bigger to resemble his character.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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