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Robert Muldoon Review

Robert Muldoon
Jurassic Park (Kenner) - Humans
Muldoon was the game warden of Jurassic Park that had two very different personalities, one of the movies and one of the book. The biggest difference of the two was the fact the movie one died while the book one lived. But enough of a lecture, you're here for a review

Muldoon stands about five inches tall but you wouldn't guess it. The way they sculpted his legs makes him look like he’s much shorter, they just seem tiny compared to his body. He comes with the collector card, a backpack, bazooka, two shots and a rex hatchling. The bazookas your standard gun, it goes over his shoulder, load a shot, pull lever and watch it fly. A nice thing is that both shots are different sculpts. The pack straps to his back and allows him to carry both of his shots. The rex hatchling is sculpted in what looks like a lunging/attacking pose.

Muldoon comes wearing tan shorts and shirt. Over his shirt he is wearing a yellow vest with a JP ID. His belt and gun=holster across his waist is brown as are his boots. The bazooka is black with a red lever with both shots being red. The hatchling is a brown color with an even darker brown/green down his back.

Articulation is again the norm, head, arms and legs. The hatchling has no movement whatsoever.

A cool figure, my only complaint is his stumpy legs. They may stand straight but they look funny and undersized.

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