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Dieter Stark Review

Dieter Stark
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Humans - Series 1
Dieter Stark was a cruel and rather stupid member of the Hunters party to Site B. Here he harassed the local dino's with his shock prod. He later got lost, lost his weapon and was attacked by the same things he taunted.

Dieter stands at about 5 inches tall and looks nothing like his movie counterpart. In the movie he looks more like an gruff outdoorsmen, this guy looks like some kid in hunting gear. Dieter comes with three things, a net launcher, a pistol and a compy. One thing you may ne able to notice is that the compy has a magnet in its mouth. There is a reason for this. In Dieters chest they placed another magnet so when the compy's mouth is placed by Dieters chest, they stick together to make it look lik he's getting attacked. The pistol and net launcher are also cool. Both aren’t over done and fit nicely into Dieter's hands.

The paintjob is kinda loopy for this guy. First off is his shirt, its out of place, These guys are in the jungle and he’s wearing a bright orange shirt with red spots, gee is someone asking to get eaten? Before someone says it was personal safety from getting shot, no one was using any real guns until they lost all their vehicles and no one went into the jungle by themselves, they all stayed in the fields or in the camp. Other then that he’s pretty good with camo pants and black combat boots. Over his shirt he also wears tactical gear painted black. He also has an InGen tattoo across one arm. His hair is painted brown and is sculpted into a buzz cut. Both of his weapons are black. The compy is painted first with a yellowish green then with a darker green down its back.

Articulation is still the same with a new series with only the head, arms and legs having any movement. The compy, like all hatchlings, has no movement.

A cool figure that adds to the hunting party. I still have to take off for the weird shirt and the lack of movie likeness.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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