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Nick Van Owen Review

Nick Van Owen
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Humans - Series 1
Another figure that didn’t come out exactly like his movie character but I think he adds more this way then like his movie character would have. It’s kinda ironic how most of his things are all resculpts. He does have a variant, one with no hat and one with the hat, I think the one with the hat is more common.

Owen comes at 5 inches and comes with three items. The first being a weird camera that he can use to "film the wildlife". He also comes with a spray weapon, an exact copy of the Nedry spray gun but in different colors. He also comes with a Pteranodon hatchling which is the big flying ones for those who don’t know their dinos. I’m not 100% positive but I think his body is a resculpt of a Congo figure or Vide Versa. Both are in the exact same pose, both are made by the same company and both body's look very much alike. Doesn’t mater much though, this is a review about this figure

Nick's coloring is very different from the movie. He comes wearing tan shorts and brown boots along with brown gloves. He’s also wearing a yellow vest with a blue undershirt. His hat is also the same blue color and his hair is black. The straps across his chest and his belt is brown. His hat also has the series signature printed on it. His repainted pack is brown with a black hose and silver gun. the actual tank is still a yellow color, guess they wanted to be cheap and keep the same color. His odd looking camera was made with a grey plastic. The hatchling is mostly a pale grey but with a yellow beak and the top crown is blue.

Articulation is still the same, head, shoulders and legs. The hatchling has no movement but its wings are made out of a flexible rubber so they can be moved a little.

Overall a cool figure even if he isn’t movie accurate. A nice addition to a hunting party or just as an extra figure.

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