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Roland Tembo Review

Roland Tembo
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Humans - Series 1
The Great White Hunter, Roland Tembo looks nothing like his movie character but this isn’t a bad thing. In this form he looks more like a hardcore hunter then his movie likeness, just my opinion. Two figures were made, the more common had him with no hair while the other had hair.

Tembo comes at 5 inches tall and with three things. He apparently comes with a knife, though I cant really review it. Mine must have been lost over the years since I don’t have it anymore but it doesn’t look like anything to special, just some GI Joe look alike, at least when its in the package. He also comes with a Dino Stun prod. For a stun prod, this thing is huge!!! Its nearly as big as he is. It also has a cool stun feature. You pull backwards on the back lever, pulling the prod and the two wings in to form a closed position with the lever caught on a stopper. When you want to fire, you pull up on the switch which causes it to pull back towards the weapon whhich cause the prod to shoot forward and the wings to shoot open to look like its shocking. The weapon also fits nicely onto his arm, unlike most weapons it fits over the whole forearm with a small peg that goes into his hand while the rest sits on his arm. The Patchy hatchling is a cool edition and is sculpted in a ramming pose.

Tembo has an interesting but cool color and sculpt. He comes wearing blue pants, a grey shirt and brown gloves. Over his grey shirt he’s wearing a raptor pelt that’s painted a mixture of light and dark green. Above the top of the raptor pelt he is also wearing a necklace of dino teeth and claws. He is also wearing boots that also appear to be some animal pelt and are painted grey. He also comes wearing a non removable black hat with the InGen logo on the side. His face is sculpted nicely, giving him a look like he’s just gotten his target and has a satisfied grin. The Patchy is also done nicely. The main body is a forest green but with an even darker green down its back. As for the head, the out parts of the skull are red and it get lighter until its white at the middle of the head.

Articulation is still the same, head, arms and legs. Of course the hatchling still doesn’t come with any movement.

A cool figure, better then a movie likeness in my opinion. 5 out of 5 stars and definitely worth the money spent.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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