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Ajay (Big Game Stalker) Review

Ajay (Big Game Stalker)
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Humans - Series 2
This is another JP figure that is one of the best made in my opinion. While his clothes and weapons aren’t accurate to his movie likeness, his head is EXACT which is rare.

Ajay comes at 5 inches and comes with three things. He comes with a a machine gun, a backpack with rocket launcher and a Parasaurolophus hatchling. I have to argue this hatchling's name. Parasaurolophus are the duck billed ones with the horns on their head while this looks much more like a Dilo, like a smaller spitter. Anywho, back to the rest of his gear. I got my figure loose from a buddy and I didn’t find the machine gun so I cant review it correctly but it actually looks like a machine gun, allot like a modified Uzi with longer barrel and scope. The cannon and backpack idea is pretty good. The pack fits into a small hole on his back and the cannon attaches to the pack. The cannon is your usual launcher, load rocket, pull lever. The good part of it is that the pack doesn’t have any special parts for the cannon to hook on so if you lose the cannon, the pack still looks cool, maybe even better.

His color is cool, really gives him a good look. He comes wearing a set of grey/white camo pants, not really jungle colors but cool. He also comes wearing black boots and brown gloves. Over his chest he is wearing a white shirt with a black tactical vest over it. The vest straps are a darker brown and look good over his vest. The machine gun and cannon shots are sculpted in a light grey plastic. The cannon and pack however were done in a flat black. The Para hatchling has an odd color. His face turned out cool, he has a serious or disapproving look on his face. The Para hatchling is also well done. It comes in a light tan color with an orange stripe down its back. The protrusions on its head start off yellow at the base and get darker red as it moves up. The hatchling has been sculpted to look like its heard a noise behind it and is looking back in that direction.

Articulation is still the norm with head, arms and legs being able to move. Again no hatchling movement, something that never changes.

One of the JP figures I like the best because of his sculpt and paint, he actually looks like a hunter. His sculpt must have been really good, it was used in a remake a while later with a different head.

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