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Pachycephalosaurus "Ram Head" Review

Pachycephalosaurus "Ram Head"
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Dinos - Series 1
The Patchy, which ill use as its shortened name, was one of the species captured by the Hunters party to be brought to the mainland. When the Gatherers raided the Hunters camp, the Patchy's where one of many dinos that were freed and caused chaos in the Hunters camps, even destroying some of the Hunters gear in the process.

The Patchy stands at about 4.75 inches at full height, this is acceptable since it’s in a full stance position and comes to almost the exact height of the humans, which it did. The Patchy comes with two interesting things, capture gear and a ramming head. The capture gear actually snaps together and comes over the Patchy's head and body. The head gear is a cagelike device with a metal plate over the animals face. It connects to the body restraint by a small peg that fits into a hole on the chest gear. The Patchys ramming feature is pretty cool. When a button, found on his leg is pushed in, his head pulls down and goes into a ramming pose. When the capture gear is on, this function causes the Patchy to "break out" and pull the gear apart, a cool feature.

The Patchy's coloring is really good, fits in with a jungle theme and the Hatchling released with Roland Tembo. The whole body is basically a light jungle green. Then, down the course of the body he has darker green stripes. The back of his head is the darker green while the face is the lighter green. The head is much like the hatchling, starting off red at the outer parts and getting whiter at the middle. The dinos eyes are yellow with black iris's.

Articulation is pretty good here at the head, legs, arms and tail. My only complaint is the arms, they seems a bit short compared to the rest of the body. Other then that its all good.

A cool figure, the capture gear is well down and the Patchy adds a to my collection of dino's.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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