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Triceratops "Trike" Review

Triceratops "Trike"
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Dinos - Series 1
The Trike was another dino captured by the Hunters and later released by the Gatherers. His release became known by the Hunters when he ran directly through the Hunters main tent and through a presentation of their progress which was being sent back to the Mainland. After pummeling the tent it then proceeded to flip vehicles into the air, creating more damage and chaos.

This trike is pretty cool, its got a good likeness except for its size. It comes at about 4 inches and is in a low moving pose. He also comes with capture gear which snaps around his head and is apparently meant to keep his head grounded. He, like most of the other dinos, has a break away action. When the left back leg is pull, the head swing up. When the gear is on, it makes him look like he is throwing the gear off his head. If he isn’t wearing the gear, it looks like he’s making a stab at somethings chest.

Color was done really well here, it actually looks movie relative. The whole body is basically a pea green color. However, in spots across the back, a, even darker green was used to make him jungle camoed. The horns and his beak are a tan color while his eyes are white with black iris's. The capture gear is metallic silver color.

Articulation is ok here with movement at the head and all four legs, not bad for his sculpt.

A good figure and great likeness to his movie style besides the actual size where he was much bigger, about the size of a car in real life.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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