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Tyrannosaurus Rex "Junior" Review

Tyrannosaurus Rex "Junior"
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Dinos - Series 1
Here’s a prime example of figure exaggeration when trying to make a figure based on a movie.

Little rex stands about 5 1/4 inches tall, to tall. He’s bigger then all the human figures by almost another head. In the movie he came up to about mid chest on the characters but here he dwarfs them. He comes with two items, a muzzle and a cast, at least they got the cast right. The muzzle fits nicely over his mouth and the cast fits via a peg-to-hole into his leg. The broken leg has an odd sculpt. The leg is actually two pieces, the lower half being attached by a stretchy string. I guess this was done to allow us to turn his leg to look like its broken but really its no good, probably would have been better without that and just as one leg.

His coloring is off, really off. He looks nothing like his movie counterpart. His whole body is basically a light brown color. Down his back he has a purple stripe. Yes I said PURPLE on a dino raised on a JUNGLE ISLAND. Granted it’s a dark purple but he’s still stick out against all the green. The muzzle and the cast are both silver in color. His eyes are yellow with black iris's.

Articulation is ok here to. He has movement at the jaw, arms and some at the broken leg though I would recommend pulling it everywhere, if that string breaks you are doomed.

Good as an extra figure but really off. They should have made him smaller and made his color much darker to match the jungle.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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