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Velociraptor "Cyclops Raptor" Review

Velociraptor "Cyclops Raptor"
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Dinos - Series 1
This raptor is easily my favorite raptor model in all of the JP series's. He’s got a great sculpt, great colors and great actions.

Our Raptor friend stands at about 3.75 inches tall, his short stature is due to him being in a running/ about to pounce pose which fits very well. He comes with capture gear and a feature. His capture gear is actually quite simple, the hook goes around his leg while the bit bar goes into the jaw, simple enough. His action is cool two, when his tail is pulled from side to side, his head shakes. When down with the gear on the action causes him to pull the gear off of us leg and free himself.

His paint and sculpt are awesome. As stated, he’s sculpted in a nice running pose but he also has body damage sculpted on. First off he’s blind, his eye is painted white and he has a scar across his eye. His body is also scarred, he’s lined with numerous slash marks, both on his head and down his body. He also happened to run across the Hunter party, he has numerous bullet holes again up and down his body. His body is painted a dark green and has a predatory white stripe down his back, a very cool look for him. His teeth and claws are also painted white while his tongue is red, His one good eye is yellow with a black iris.

Articulation is like most other dinos with the head, arms and legs being able to move, He also has movement in his tail which is different but due to his action.

One of the best dinos made and still my favorite raptor sculpt to this day. He easily earns a five out of five from me.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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