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Pachycephalosaurus "Ram Head" Review

Pachycephalosaurus "Ram Head"
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Dinos - Series 1
Again, here we are with more exaggeration on a figure. Its a good figure with a nice style and sculpt but he’s way to big. He’s almost as big as the Thrasher Rex and that things HUGE.

If I were to stand him straight up, though looking odd he’d be about ten inches tall, much bigger then most dinos. He comes with three things of interest though. One is his rammin power, push the head down till you hear it catch, push the button and the head flys out FAST. I did it to another JP human, those guys get some distance. Another thing is his "dino damage". By pulling on a small section, you can reveal several organs and make it look like he’s been wounded. The last feature is the capture, another simple but cool item. There are two pieces, a chest piece and a head piece. The chest piece wraps around his chest while the head piece comes down over his head. Two posts on the sides on the head piece fit into slots on the chest piece when his head is down. Then when the head is released, the force shoots the head piece off like a rocket!!!

While he is big, his coloring is quite good. Most of his body is your typical grey color. Then down his back he has splotches of blue which fit him well. His head is much like the other, starts red at the edges and turns white at the middle. His internal organs, when revealed, are pink and red. The capture gear is your typical grey cast and looks like metal.

Articulation is pretty good with him, well enough to make him cool enough. He’s got movement at the head, arms and legs, enough to pose him.

A nice figure that adds to the dino crew, my only complaint being his size which again, is to big for my tastes.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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