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Stegosaurus "Spike Tail" Review

Stegosaurus "Spike Tail"
Jurassic Park - Lost World (Kenner) - Dino-Strike
If more JP dino figures had been made like this, I bet they would have sold more. This guy is a perfect likeness to his movie counterpart and comes with cool details and capture gear.

From the bottom of his foot to the top of his biggest spike, the Steg stands about 7 inches tall. He comes with three points of interest, dino damage, capture gear and action. His dino damage is pretty big, consisting of of whole spike and a good inch of skin. The dino damaged spike is the first large spike on his right. His capture gear is cool to, consisting of a large metal box that snaps around his tail and a long metal wire that wraps around his legs. His action is another simple one, you squeeze two of the back spikes together and he swings his tail quite hard causing him to shake off the metal cage on his tail if it is on him at the time.

His paint is good and original for his figure, His skin has been designed as a really smooth rubber to give him the feeling of skin. Towards the back spikes the skin turns into hard plastic and the spikes are also hard plastic as are the legs and head. His tail is also made of the soft rubber except for the tail spikes which are hard. The skin is painted a forest green in general with the spikes being a dark green and the tail spikes being a bone tan. His dino damage wound is red while the exposed bones are white. His capture gear is the typical metallic silver color.

Sad to say, he doesn’t really have articulation. The only thing that moves a bit is the swinging tail and it doesn’t go far or bend.

Overall a cool figure besides the lack of movement. Due to his size and sculpt I think that any articulation would have ruined him.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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