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Poison Ivy Review

Poison Ivy
Batman - Hush (DC Direct) - Series 1
The good folks at DC like to screw with us and give us beautiful action figures that are all completely out of scale with each other, even within the same series! And although this may annoying to DC collectors, it is a god-send to the Marvel Legends fans. Odds are there is at least one perfectly 6-inch DC figure in one line or another. The Huntress from the Hush line was perfectly in-scale, and so is this Poison Ivy!

Pamela stands 6 inches tall and a little taller if you count her long, flowing, orange-red hair. The hair is well-painted and high-lighted but it has the same problem some of the female Marvel figures have (like Elektra), it looks like a bunch of flowing spaghetti instead of real hair. It's still pretty though, just like the face-sculpt. The eyes on DC figures are amazingly well-done, very clean paint-jobs. Ivy has a pleasantly calm demeanor. I haven't read the "Batman: Hush" series, so I couldn't tell you if this figure looks like her comic-book counter-part, but she looks like Poison Ivy should look, elegant and graceful with no over-exaggerated body-parts. The suit is similar to the one she wore in the "Batman: TAS" cartoons but her skin is colored pale green instead of flesh (which I find sort of strange, but it works). There are a few slender, light-brown, leaved vines writhing around her body and the edges of the suit to break up the monotony of the green skin. Ivy's lips and finger and toe-nails are painted a darker green. The hands are sculpted in appropriate gestures, as if delicately holding a rose or raising an impenetrable wall of vines with only a thought. The entire body has a soft, matte finish.'s a DC figure, what can I say other than severely-limited movement? The neck is either a ball-socket or a swivel, and unfortunately, the head doesn't move up and down. The hair has nothing to do with this, it's just a flaw with the neck-joint. Maybe there is some paint stuck in there? If anyone has this figure and knows how to make the head move, please tell us! The shoulders are ball-sockets, a horrible choice because they can't move to the sides at all, only up and down. The elbows and knees are hinged so that's always a plus. The hips are swiveled, and swiveled hips can work well, it's just that they don't let the legs move up or down very far! At most, the farthest the legs will move forward is about 45 degrees, meaning she can't sit down. Normally that wouldn't bother people, but it annoys the hell out of me because...she can't stand either!!! The feet are sculpted in an awkward way so that she demands a pegged-base to stand. And even if you get a suitable base, she still doesn't stand perfectly straight, you have to start bending her legs to the sides to get the right pose. Again, if anyone knows the proper positioning of her feet, tell me! Er, I mean, "us", tell US.

Overall, this is a beautiful figure, and if you can manage to get her to stand-up straight, you'll be able to appreciate it.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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