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Ian Malcolm Review

Ian Malcolm
Jurassic Park - Chaos Effect (Kenner) - Humans
The Chaos Effect branch of the JP series was a bit odd. The idea was pretty good but the colors and sculpts were a bit out there. Take for example Ian Malcolm who we will be reviewing here.

Malcolm stands at the JP height of 5 inches, he isn’t to short and so far so good. His sculpt though is odd. Don’t get me wrong, his body is good but his head looks nothing like Malcolm!!! Malcolm is a gruff, aging man, this guy looks like some collage kid fresh in the field. Anyhow, Malcolm comes with three things, a capture claw, body armor and a rex hatchling. The armors your standard deal, just pop it onto his cheat, pull out when your done. The claws the same way, it fits around his arm. Pull the rod sticking out the back, the claws open, let go and they close, simple. The rex has a good sculpt, its in a stalking pose but that’s about all that’s good about it.

Moving on, the CE worst mistake was their colors, they went all crazy. Malcolm is in a bright yellow suit, why bright yellow, I don’t know. The yellow suit also features crimson outlines and black gloves and boots, those aren’t to bad. His hair is black and his face is in a serious look. The capture claw is grey but the claw part and the rod in the back is a bright green, again I don’t know why. His body armor is the same light grey. His dino friend is another interesting paint, its orange, bright orange. It also has a red stripe down its back. Strangely, its eyes are white, if that means its blind I don’t know, all I know is what I see on it.

Articulation is still the norm, head, arms and legs while the rex has no movement.

Here is one of those figures that if you buy, you’ll want to repaint or use as fodder. Good as an extra not for much else.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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