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Roland Tembo Review

Roland Tembo
Jurassic Park - Chaos Effect (Kenner) - Humans
Roland?!? What happened to you?!? Hasbro is messing with the good characters again.

Seriously, this guy is off, way off. Ok lets get it out of the way, he’s 5 inches and in a weird stance. His legs are bent and his arms are sculpted like he’s running, in that pumped position. What else could be wrong? He looks like a terminator. He comes in this high-tech armor and guess what his weapon is: a gattling gun. A GATTLING GUN!!!. What was Hasbro thinking...The gun is easy, load the shots in, spin the lever and they fire, not very well but they do. He also comes with an Ultimasaurus, something man made and ugly, period. The Ult. is sculpted in a lunging pose, typical.

The paintjob isnt bad, its nasty. Tembo comes wearing gold armor and a purple undershirt, odd? He also comes wearing green pants with silver armor on the pants and silver gauntlets, really fancy to track dinos with. His tech gear on his head is black as is his boots. His head is in an odd smiling pose, like he just realized he can take anything out with his weapons of doom. The Ult. is ugly, its feet and head are red, white eyes and a pale purple body with a black stripe down its back.

Articulation id still the same, head arms and legs and not hatchling movement, not that it’d help.

One of those figures that really doesn’t belong in this line and yet, he’s still here. Much better on in some Terminator movie then a JP line. Good for fodder though.

      by Mr-X   Update Review

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