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Supergirl Review

Superman (DC Direct)
Seems like every super-hero has at least one or two alternately-designed suits, what are they for? My theory is that they're back-up suits just in-case Lex Luthor decides to sink a continent on a Justice League laundry-day. My cape has a coffee stain! Aaaahhh! Where's my black and silver suit!? Where's my blue lasso!? Where's my extra pair of orange spandex underwear!? And as accurate as my theory is, sometimes they change their suits because of crazy time-traveling 10-year-long story-arcs in comics where everyone dies and then they are revived and then a big yellow robot comes along and eats everyone so new heroes must be born to take the places of the fallen heroes...whatever, I like Supergirl's hair with the head-band. And her skirt wasn't flapping up in the wind, revealing herself like an attention-whore (I'm looking at you, Robin).

Kara is about 5.75 inches tall, which is good because she's younger than most JLAers, but she could stand to be slightly taller (isn't she like 21 now?). Still, after seeing that horrible DCSH Supergirl, this one is like a breath of fresh air after being trapped in a coal-mine being forced to stare at that other ugly DCSH Supergirl, oh yes, quite refreshing. There is just nothing bad about this figure! (aside from DC's terrible articulation of course) Sure, the boots could stand to be a little more detailed, but who looks at people's feet anyway? (aside from podiatricians, you smart-alecks...what, "podiatrician" isn't a word?...) The chest-symbol is engraved and neatly painted in semi-glossy red and yellow to contrast against the flat-white shirt (a shirt which rests on a chest that is *definitely* not flat). The white gloves and red boots are semi-glossy. The short cape is very flexible and has a yellow "S"-symbol on it. The skirt is also flexible and doesn't impede leg movement at all! Kara's body-sculpt is appropriate and the bare midriff looks great, not overly-muscular like some artists draw it in comics. People keep forgetting that Supergirl isn't strong because she has muscle, it's because she gets energy from our sun, like Superman does. All bare skin has a soft matte-finish, so does the blond hair. Kara's face has to be the best part about her, she has the same raised eyebrow as the Movie Mr Fantastic figure with the same "what the hell are you looking at?" expression, awesome. And as always, all the delicate features of the face are precisely painted!

DC articulation...yuck. Ball-socket joints are awful for shoulders because they restrict movement way too much, but on Supergirl they aren't that bad. She can actually move her arms to the side, a tremendous accomplishment for DC Direct figures. Why they don't switch to swivel-hinged shoulders (like ML figures) I'll never understand. The gloves swivel, the elbows, hips, and knees are hinged. The neck is a ball-joint and has a full range of movement. I hate seeing opportunities for more articulation thrown away, HATE IT. The arms could have been covertly swiveled at the sleeves' black trim. The boots could have been given the same treatment. The thighs could have been swiveled under the skirt, but without hinged ankles there's really nothing you can do with added leg-articulation. Another hidden swivel could have been added to the black trim of the shirt, and would have been greatly appreciated because Supergirl doesn't have any waist articulation. Despite limited movement, you can still get some menacing poses out of her, but truth be told, she's too damn cute to look threatening.

Supergirl can stand just fine on her own, but a nifty base is included in the package if you want to use it.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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